Easy-to use and extensible way to connected Unity and Arduino

Uduino is a Unity plugin which allows to communicate between Arduino and Unity. It has all the mapping features most developers need for their interactive installations.

Uduino aims to be a comprehensive and easy to setup solution for your Arduino/Unity projects. It works efficiently across all major desktop operating systems, and features exemples and use a simple and readable API.

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Easy-to use

Focus on your idea, not on the technical aspect. With a simple declaration you'll be able to control easily your Arduino. Get started right now with our tutorials, projects and the documentation.

This solution is cross-platform and works the same on PC, Mac or Linux.

Advanced editor

Bored to debug in play mode ?

Uduino comes with a custom debug panel, allowing you to control your arduino directly from the editor.


Unlike other Unity/Arduino plugins, Uduino is fully extensible and can be compatible with other Arduino libraries.

If you are a more experienced user, the advanced capabilities will help you to optimize your code. Learn more.

Get started

Download the package, upload it to your arduino board and you're ready to go!

Uduino allows you to setup and control your digital/analog pin easily, with a syntax close to the original Arduino syntax. Setup your pin and read and write values between Unity and Arduino !

Here is a quick example of how Uduino is used in Unity.:

void Start() {
  uduino.InitPin(13, PinMode.OUTPUT); // Setup the LED 13
  uduino.InitPin(6, PinMode.SERVO); // Register pin 6 to use a servo

void Update() {
  uduino.digitalWrite(13,Status.HIGH); // Turn on the LED !
  uduino.analogWrite(6, Random.Range(0,255)); // Move the servo

Learn more with the quick start guide, check out more advanced tutorials or directly look at the API documentation. If you have any question, take a look at the FAQ first.

Latest news

In the Projects section of the website you can now download full projects !

First video tutorial : Getting started with Uduino

You can now download Uduino on the Unity Asset Store

Uduino Editor Panel now supports several Arduino board types.